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About Port of Korsoer

Port of Korsoer is the commercial harbour of Slagelse Municipality – centrally placed in the heart of Denmark..

Port of Korsoer is home for a number of companies, who use the benefits of the centralised infra-structure with direct connection to the European motorway and railway network. Port of Korsoer is easy to find – and easy to sail into with the Great Belt Bridge placed just beside the shipping lane into Korsoer Harbour.

Port of Korsoer can offer all the facilities which are characteristic of an effective commercial harbour.

Port of Korsoer is a market-oriented harbour that continuously upgrades the services according to the needs of the customers. The Harbour is constantly developing and improving the facilities, traffic conditions and services.


The harbour areas in Port of Korsoer are about 12.8 ha. The length of the quay is 1200 m plus about 350 m at the old station. The depth of water is 8 m at the America Quay and the Cruise Ship Quay and 7 m at the other quays.

The buildnings at the harbour are of very different proportions and values. Typically the companies are situated on leased area. The wharfs of the harbour is generally in good shape. The harbour owns warehouses with a total area of about 7000 square metres. We can offer areas for different purposes, space in up-dated warehouses and 2 RoRo berths.

The Harbour is secure against terror.

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