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The 23rd. August 1797 was a watershed for Korsoer Harbour Board. Until that date the fate of the Harbour had been in the hands of more or less competent Municipal officials and the result was what one could expect.

Port of Korsoer got its first Harbour commission; it consisted of the Major, who was the chairman, a Naval Officer and a Post Official as well as two men elected among the town citizens. The Harbour Master was responsible to the Harbour Commission.

This and much more can be read in Korsoer Harbour and Shipping History 1790 to 1939. Published by the Museum Association in Korsoer. That was the background for the decision of Korsoer Town Council to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of Korsoer Harbour in 1997.

Port of Korsoer published in that connection: Et Sikkert Ly (A Safe Haven) highlights of the history of Port of Korsoer spanning 200 years.