14/6-2017 - BE PREPARED!

IMG 1095

That is how an old boy scout advice goes. And here at Port Of Korsoer we are using the dead periods, to maintain our equipment so that it´s ready for the upcoming season for handling fertilizers and grain.

Yesterday both KERMIT and GROENAERT pass the yearly inspection, and today the big guy BRUTALIS is in for a checkup.

7/6-2017 - A long time since...

IMG 1035-lille

From late march and until now there has not been a fertilizer ship alongside Port of Korsoer. But several other vessels did call us, for instance vessels carrying cement, grain, gasoil and split.

Today the vessel HELGA is alongside and discharging fertilizers. As always, we are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that the weather is on our side. But according to DMI and various other channels, it does not look to good. 


29/5-2017 - A New Record!

DJI 0006-small

710 participants attended the yearly fishing competition in Port Of Korsoer. And that is a new record. The weather was just right for this kind of event and many people brought along various chairs, tables a numerous fishing rods.

Port of Korsoer whises to congratulate every winner and we are already looking forward for next year.

18/5-2017 - Reception for Flemming Erichsen and Jimmi Joergensen

Reception Flemming  Jimmi

Meet and greet the resining harbor-chief Flemming Erichsen, and the new man at the helm, harbor-director Jimmi Joergensen when Port Of Korsoer is holding a reception on May 31. from 09.30 to 11.30AM. The reception is to take place at the old city hall of Korsoer.

Everyone is invited, and we are looking forward for this special day.

During the reception, the harbor office will be closed. Feel free to contact us, on our mobile phones.

9/5-2017 - A brief visit from the Royal Yacht.

Last Friday, as many of you already know, we got a visit from the Royal yacht DANNEBROG.

Sadly it only lasted a few hours, but as they were leaving the Port Of Korsoer, our "parrot" filmed their whole departure from a birds eye view.

Click on the picture to watch the film.